Ms. Skyheart

Hi. My name is Ms. Skyheart and I am a pilot. My birthday is June 14th. My parents divorced when I was little. Growing up I lived with my Mom most of the time. My Mom was a nurse at the hospital. We had a nice house and Mom bought me lots of nice things. My Dad owned a business and a small plane. Dad would pick me up some weekends and take me flying. Sometimes we would fly to the beach and sometimes to the mountains. I always had fun flying with Dad.

I graduated from high school and went to college to be a pilot. I earned all of my pilot licenses in college so I could be a commercial pilot. Now I live in a big city and fly giant airplanes. However, my favorite flying is being co-pilot for Captain Green Eyes. I was raised in two households and understand the difficulties that arise. I love assisting Captain Green Eyes in teaching our Cupcake Buddies, and all of the other Cupcake Buddies wherever they may be, to understand their family situations through love, giving, kindness, and solutions.