Hi. My name is Pinkie. I am eight years old and I love pink. My birthday is April 30. My Mommy and Daddy are separated and live very far apart. I live with my Mommy most of the time. When I visit my Daddy I have to get in a giant airplane and fly for a long time. My Mommy owns a dance studio and gives me dance lessons. Mommy also sells dance clothes and I have my own ballet tutus. We have a nice house and my room is all pink. I love my Mommy very much.

My Daddy works for a big company far away and flies on giant airplanes all the time. I go to see him four times a year. I usually stay with him for a week at a time except in the summer when I stay with him for two weeks. He has a nice house but he does not stay there much. When I go to see him, he takes me on trips. We go to lots of fun places. Last winter Daddy took me to a ski mountain and I learned to snow board in the snow. Sometimes we go to Disney World®. This summer he says we are going to Yellowstone Park. I love my Daddy very much. I love both of my homes.