Hi. My name is Sherbie and I am six years old. My birthday is April 29. My Mom and Dad are divorced and live in separate houses. I live part of the week with my Mom and part of the week with my Dad. My Dad is a fireman and lives with his girlfriend, Ellie, across town. I like to watch basketball with my Dad and sometimes he takes me to real live basketball games. Dad’s house has four rooms and is very nice. Dad and Ellie fixed up the other bedroom just for me. My bedroom has basketball posters on the wall and an electric piano. Ellie is a music teacher and gives me piano lessons. I love my Dad and Ellie very much.

My Mom is a hairdresser. I like to go shopping with my Mom. Sometimes when we go shopping she takes me to the movies. I love happy movies and popcorn. My Mom has to work late sometimes and Grammy stays with me. Grammy reads books to me and I like that a lot. Mom’s house is also very nice. I have my own bedroom that my Mom fixed up for me. I have a desk, a big marker board, and a stand for my paintings. Mom bought me lots of crayons, markers, paint, coloring books, and painting paper. It is fun to make pretty pictures in my room. I love my Mom and Grammy very much. I love both of my homes.