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The Seven Nights of Santa is a holiday book for small children, their parents, grandparents, and caregivers. Today’s family units encompass a large variety of family forms. Many children do not live with both of their natural parents. This leads to much stress and dispute during the holidays, particularly as to which house Santa will deliver toys and other presents.

In The Seven Nights of Santa, Captain Green Eyes resolves the issue for his little Cupcake Buddies and for Cupcake Buddies everywhere. For seven nights, Santa can come to different houses and deliver toys and other presents. With the Santa list for each home in hand, all a child must do is tell Santa what night to come to which home. Each parent, grandparent or caregiver can share with the child the surprises left by Santa under the tree at that home.

Captain Green Eye’s mission is to help all the little Cupcake Buddies out there to accept and love their family units regardless of form. We hope this book will bring to you and your Cupcake Buddies more happiness, kindness, understanding, and love.